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10 Thoughtful gifts for girlfriend – 2020

10 Thoughtful gifts for girlfriend – 2020

What should I get for my girlfriend so she feels special and loved?

So you have a girlfriend! Yay! Getting your girlfriend a perfect gift doesn’t require hours of web research on your part. Whether it’s an anniversary present, a Valentine’s Day gift or birthday gift, or whatever occasion gift, the expectations can be high. If you are short on budget then obviously expensive jewelry and gifts are out of the question. However, you can still salvage a romantic day without spending a ton. Remember that it’s the thought that counts and if you put your mind to it, you still can manage to give her a memorable gift.

At North Pole Star we want to help you guys to pick the right gift for your girlfriend and make her feel special and loved. Before we get started we need to point out some facts that you may not know or not consider it seriously!

  • What does a girl expect from a boyfriend?

    expectations of a girl from a Top Ten gift ideas for girlfriend | women

    • First thing first, respect her! every girl does expect to be treated with respect, and for their boyfriend to be honest and loyal.
    • Compliment her, tell her how beautiful and cute she is, tell her how smart she is, she will love it. She will feel special and worthy.
    • Call her cute names, it will make her smile.
    • Be a good listener, when she tells you a story or talk about a topic that she feels passionate about you better stop whatever you’re doing and be all ears! This means so much to her.
    • Be supportive and have her back, specially when she feels sad.
    • Try to charm her every way you can, maybe cook her a nice dinner, or buy her a gift (doesn’t have to be expensive, just thoughtful), or take her out to dinner or surprise her. Something that makes her creative! don’t just be like a robot and copycat what others do!

Happy girlfriend,
happy life

    •  Don’t flirt with other women (surprise!surprise!), If women try to get with you then tell her you’re taken. Should I even have to explain this?
    • Keep your promises and be proud of her and appreciate her.
    • Spend time with her.
    • Admit your mistakes and apologize when you need to.

There are many other expectations that we can write here but we think these are the basics and it’s good for you guys to pay attention to these things.

We know how important it is to get a unique gift for your girlfriend, So now are ready to answer your question on “What should I get for my girlfriend so she feels special and loved?” We spend hours searching for the right products for you and below is the list of our top picks.

Top 10 thoughtful gift ideas for girlfriend 2019

10 Thoughtful gifts for girlfriend

      1. Personalized Simulated Birthstone Necklace

        personalized necklace is a good pick as a thoughtful gift for your girlfriend
        925 Sterling Silver Personalized Two Names Necklace with Two Heart Simulated Birthstone

        You can show your love by customizing this personalized jewelry for your girlfriend!
        This name necklace will quickly become the one item she won’t want to take off! (at least till the time you don’t screw up!)

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      2. Women’s Winter Down Jackets

        Women's Winter Down Jackets AMZ - Thoughtful Gift iDeas for Women
        Women’s Winter Down Jackets Long Down Coats Warm Parka with Hood

        High-density, water-resistant and windproof material. These winter down coats parkas have excellent windproof and warm-keeping performance. With gathered cuffs to keep cold out. elegant relaxed fit feminine silhouette; the mid-length down jacket flatters every figure.

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      3. TOMMY HILFIGER MOD convertible crossbody bag"<yoastmark

        Tommy Hilfiger women’s bag. For work or play, this Tommy bag has wear-with-anything appeal. Wear with the shoulder strap and go hands-free, or remove the strap for an instant clutch.

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      4. Calvin Klein power stretch wide waistband leggings

        Calvin Klein power stretch wide waistband leggings - Thoughtful gift ideas for women
        Calvin Klein power stretch wide waistband leggings

        These Calvin Klein’s leggings feature a wide waistband and heavily seamed pattern. These high-waisted leggings are incredibly flattering and comfortable which makes them the perfect gift for the girls who love yoga.

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      5. Message in a bottle

        Romantic message in a bottle
        Romantic message in a bottle

        This romantic gift features a beautiful Love poem “I LOVE YOU” on antiqued burned paper with your choice of font or handwritten which is the perfect Romantic gift to your girlfriend and also for any other occasion and will make a special keepsake that will last forever.

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      6. I Love You Candle

        Gift for women | gift idea for girlfriend | I Love You Soy Candle
        I Love You Soy Candle

        Cute “I Love You Lots and Lots” scented soy candle, hand-poured and scented with your choice of fragrance! The perfect unique gift for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. The lid can be customized with any name or short sentence which makes it more cute.

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      7. Lé Clair Cinq

        the Lé Clair Cinq Eternity Roses - gift ideas for women
        Lé Clair Cinq Eternity Roses

        The Lé Clair Cinq preserved roses feature five stunning Eternity roses encased in a sleek, clear acrylic case that protects the roses while displaying their true beauty. A hidden storage drawer beneath a top layer of roses makes this arrangement of boxed roses as functional as it is gorgeous. You can customize the blooms to suit your girlfriend’s tastes.

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      8. Clinique 15-Pc. Lipstick

        Clinique 15-Pc. Lipstick
        Clinique 15-Pc. Lipstick

        This Clinique 15-Pc. Lipstick comes with a variety of colors and she can have them in individual containers so she does not mix them up. Clinique’s lip favorites in a range of coverage and finishes in break-apart sets of Nudes, Pinks and Plums.

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      9. Withings Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch

        Withings Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch
        Withings Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch

        This is a great gift for your girlfriend to keep her healthy. Featuring a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 25 days, Steel HR enables her to set goals, visualize progress, and get personalized insights through its  Health Mate app.

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        This product contains real fur from sheep or lamb, The Fluff Yeah is as good as it sounds, combining a slipper and sandal into one statement shoe. She can Wear this with midi dresses or her favorite jeans. Slipper’s so cozy and comfy, she’ll never want to take them off.

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