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DIY Gift Wrapping Technique Step by Step Picture Guide

How to wrap a gift like a pro? learn wrapping technique |

DIY Gift Wrapping Technique Step by Step Picture Guide

Before we get to the gift wrapping part, let’s talk about gift wrapping paper for a moment. We usually prefer to use thick gift wrapping paper, because it looks aesthetically pleasing, less likely to tear and looks more beautiful at the same time. Also, if you are gifting something that has a strange dimension, the paper is more useful.

DIY gift wrapping technique picture guide


  • Your present
  • Gift wrapping paper
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scissors


Step 1 - Measurements - learn wrapping technique |

The first important step after choosing a good gift wrapping paper is to measure it correctly to fit the size of your gift, both top and bottom, and sides. Place your box on the wrapping paper with the side that has the largest area face-down, fold the paper across until it meets the paper on the other side of the box, then cut about 2 to 3 inches beyond that mark. pull up the other edges of the paper to extend about three-quarters the height of the box and cut. It’s better to pull the wrapping paper while you cut for straighter lines.

Start Taping

Step 2 - Overlap, Tape, Crease - learn wrapping technique |

When you are ready, flip the box so that the bottom side is up, lift up one edge of the paper and make sure it can cover one of the vertical sides and pull the paper 1 to 2 inches more so the extra paper makes it onto the top of the box. Then tape the paper down.

Next, bring the opposite side of the paper over and across the box until it meets the corner you just covered. Mark the paper where it meets the edge of the box and fold the paper. Make sure to get the end with the folded paper to line up with the corner of the box. this will hide your creases, and your wrapping job will look professional. Use double-sided tape to secure the edge so that you have no visible tape.

Cover the Ends

Step 3 - Fold, Crease, Tape, Repeat - learn wrapping technique |

Now its time to cover the ends. Tuck the wrapping paper towards the middle of the uncovered side and make a triangle shape, pull tightly and then make a crease, repeat this step for the top and the other side. After that, fold the top flap down and secure it with double-sided tape. Next, pull the other flap and fold it over the flap you just taped, crease and secure it with double-sided tape. Repeat this for the other side and secure the last flap.

Finishing Touches

Use your thumb and pointer finger to pinch the edges of the box to create sharp corners and finish up your edges.

We hope this DIY Gift Wrapping Technique picture guide helps you beautifully wrap your present box. If your present isn’t a rectangular box, find a box to put it in. for making your present appear stylish and making it more personal and special, you can read “Learn How To Wrap A Gift Properly” by Codreanu Andreea.

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